Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Fischer MRX Amirican Sport motorcycles

Reliable and beautiful, the MRX is one of the best handling motorcycles in the world, and the only affordable sport motorcycle built in the United States. Featuring a lightweight and powerful 650cc V-Twin, liquid-cooled motorcycle with the world's first single-piece Grand Prix chassis, exotic styling and premium components in an affordable, fun-to-ride package. The MRX is the American Exotic. Exotic styling meets American quality to give you something unique, something special. The beautiful lines will captivate you and the ultra-rigid, perfectly sprung chassis will give you a riding experience like no other. From the first ride you will appreciate this American masterpiece and its global technology. The Fischer MRX. A passion for speed, a passion for technology, and - most importantly- a commitment to quality and reliability. Styling for the new motorcycle was done by British designer Glynn Kerr. In earlier stages, there were plans to produce 1,000–1,500 cc (61–92 cu in) Rotax-based 90° V-twins.

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